NEWS (Last Update 14 May 2005)
Visit to Arawane Arowana at Maspion Plaza 14 May 2005
ACI Fourth Meeting at Maspion Plaza 14 May 2005
Arowana Club Indonesia donation for ACEH (by Gaga)
Arowana Club Indonesia T-SHIRT ready !
Visit to Markus place on 3 April 2005
Moving my friend's Red on 2 April 2005
Visit to Serpong Mas Arwana on 26 March 2005
Visit to Defro (ACI Forum Moderator) on 26 March 2005
Visit to Meng Arwana Center on 19 March 2005 at night !
Arowana Club Indonesia Third Meeting
Visit to Singapore by Stephen
Visit to Mr. Hendri in siantar city and other friends in siantar city
Unique Super Red : 4 Barbels ! Giant Red and FFL !
Visit to Arowana Trader in West Jakarta on 28 January 2005
Visit to Mr. Julius ( ACI Forum Administrator ) 22 January 2005 at night :)
Visit to Mr. Sriyadi Arowana Trader 22 January 2005
Visit to N1wan Red 15 January 2005
Arowana Club Indonesia Meeting 15 January 2005
Arowana Club Indonesia Declaration 18 December 2004

ARTICLE (Last Update 7 March 2005)
How big of food your arowana can eat ? (by Hendri)

Feng Shui of Arowana and mystery of Dragon Fish
(by Stephen)

Setting up a new tank (by VIL)

Keeping multiple arowanas in a single tank (by VIL)

How to build a paludarium (Bali) (by JD Winatai)
Explanation of Filtration type and Pigmentation of Fish (by JD Winatai)
How to implant chip into arowana demo by Mr. N1wan (by Hendri)
How to anesthetize arowana (by Hendri)
How to choose arowana and knew Asian Arowana types :Xback, Super Red, RTG, Yellow Tail, Green (by Hendri)

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